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Many African youths have been scammed online so many times. This happens when they fall for misleading ads like the “Get Rich Quickly” ads. Any sane person will tell you that for you to make money you need to provide value or a service in exchange for cash.

What many Africans don’t realise is that they can make money with their Mobile Network Carrier. Mobile money business has created self-employment for many Africans as it does not require any specialised skills to run. The side hustle is called Mobile Money.

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If you are just getting started with aerobics, you might be feeling overwhelmed. It is true that there are many ways to work out, and that if you can manage to get a good workout you are going to be much more healthy. It is also true that you need to have a course of workout in which your body is moving fast and your heart and lungs are forced to work harder than when you are at rest. This is called aerobic exercise, and you must understand.

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Yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve harmony and helps the mind work in synchronization with the body. How often do we find that we are unable to perform our activities properly and in a satisfying manner because the confusions and conflicts in our mind weigh down heavily upon us?

Stress is the number one suspect affecting all parts of our physical, endocrinal, and emotional systems. And with the help of yoga, these things can be corrected.

At the physical level, yoga and its cleansing practices have proven to be extremely effective for various disorders.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of yoga that you can get

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